Swiss Watches

Swiss Watches

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Switzerland has long been known for watch making, some of the earliest companies starting operations in the early to middle part of the nineteenth Century.

But age alone doesn’t mean everything and Swiss watch makers have maintained their reputation ever since by a combination of craftsmanship, high quality standards and an on-going quest for innovation.

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The watch you wear isn’t just a means of telling the time, it says a lot about who you are.

Therefore, you want a watch that not only keeps accurate time and has the functions you need but also looks elegant, sporty or whatever image you choose to project, and with a touch of style.

The Swiss watches we have in Sydney fulfil all those requirements and more. We stock collections from the best and well-known Swiss manufacturers that offer enough choice and variation to meet your needs while maintaining the expected quality and reliability levels.

You can buy Swiss watches online or from our Sydney store. Either way, you’ll have access to our full range, best prices and outstanding customer service that ensures you’ll always get the watch you need.

How to Choose from the Best Swiss Watches in Sydney

A Swiss watch is a quality item and, as such, can be expensive. Against that, you’re buying a luxury timepiece that makes a statement about you and is an investment in reliability and excellence that will give years of service.

Nevertheless, set a realistic budget because top of the range models can cost several thousand dollars. Bear in mind, however, that they can appreciate in value if looked after properly.

Buy a watch that reflects who you are and fits in with your lifestyle, whether sporty and outdoor, classically elegant, business-like, bold or futuristic. It’s up to you and we have the models to meet your needs.

Whilst the most common material for a watch is stainless steel due to its hard-wearing and scratch-resistant qualities, you can also go for titanium, carbon, gold or a combination to give a unique look.

Many manufacturers produce their own movements, the heart of the watch that provides its accuracy and reliability. But these come in a variety of types that include traditional movements with manual winding, automatic self-winding versions and quartz watches with batteries, so choose your preference.

Besides telling the time, watches can also have stopwatch function, different time-zone settings, calendar and moon phase indications.

Only choose ones you’ll use and be aware that functions will be limited if you choose an ultra-thin case. Select an impressive bracelet or strap in a choice of materials.

For the best Swiss watches in Sydney, try our online range or store — you won’t be disappointed.