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Watch Repairs

Our watch repairs department provides an extensive range of services which include :

Linda and Co specialize in all watch repairs and restoration. Our Sydney workshop service all major watch brands.

Service Department Drop Off Locations Broadway Sydney , Macquarie Centre North Ryde and Rhodes Waterside.

Our watch repair department specialise in all timepieces:

  • Mechanical / Automatic watches,
  • Quartz Watches ,
  • Pocket Watches,
  • Clocks,
  • Antique Watches.

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Watch Repairs

  • Service & overhaul
  • Dial Restoration
  • Case / Band Polish and Clean (Remove Scratches)
  • Standard & Sapphire Glass replacement ( Hand Cut if size not available)
  • Water Resistance test ( We use the latest Computerised Pressure Testing equipment ) includes report / Seal replacements
  • Crown & Stem repairs
  • Circuit Repairs
  • New Movements
  • Mechanical Timing Adjustment
  • Watch Band Replacement – Genuine Leather & Metal bands available
  • Battery Replacement (We provide a 1 year guarantee on all our batteries)

Watch Repairs Sydney

With the exception of your wedding or engagement ring, there are few jewellery pieces in any male or female’s collection that gets as much wear as their favourite watch. Unfortunately with frequent wear comes eventual tear – even your favourite dress watch that you wear only on special occasions or for business wear will eventually fall victim to wear and tear.

What happens when a watch loses its beautiful shine? What if it picks up scratches and cracks? What if the mechanical components begin to fail and the performance of your watch slows? No matter what issue you are faced with, the leading experts in watch repair Sydney wide are here to help. That’s us; Linda & Co. Jewellers!

A family-run jeweller, we’ve been in business since 1980, with three generations of our family devoting their lives to the jewellery industry.

We have built a solid reputation as one of the leading jewellery stores Sydney wide and are widely celebrated for the professionalism and expertise of our qualified and experienced jewellers. Not only does our expertise lend itself to custom jewellery design, personalised advice and precise jewellery valuations, we are only known as the best watch repair specialists in Sydney.

We leverage innovative technologies, proven techniques and our years of experience to remedy even the most challenging of repairs. Solidifying our presence as the leading specialists in watch repairs Sydney CBD wide, we offer an extensive arrange of repair services:

Watch Servicing

We can conduct a full assessment and service of your watch both aesthetically and mechanically, identifying and repairing any issues or imperfections.

Dial Restoration

We can restore the appearance of faded or scratched watch dials as well as removing deeply embedded dirt and grime.

Polish and Clean

The case and band of a watch can be the most frequent victims of scratches, chips, discolouration and damage. Our expert team can conduct a deep clean and professional polish, removing any scratches and restoring the watch to as good as new.

Glass Face Replacement

Cracks, scratches or significant damage to the glass face of your watch does not spend the end of its lifecycle. We can replace the glass of any watch, cutting glass to size if required to replace the face.

Mechanical Repairs

We don’t just conduct aesthetic repairs and restoration; our expertise lends itself to mechanical repairs too. We can apply new movements, correct issues with mechanical timing and even replace the circuit.

Band Replacement

We can replace your worn watch bands with a new genuine leather or metal band.

Battery Replacement

We can replace any watch batteries with a 1 year guarantee provided on all batteries.

We Offer The Best Watch repairs in Sydney

Most car owners have their cars serviced at regular intervals but don’t think there’s a need to do the same for their watch. That’s despite a car being parked for over half of its life while a watch works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And yet the watch is expected to keep going with no attention at all.

How Regular Watch Repairs in Sydney Will Prolong a Watch’s Life

A mechanical watch has a huge number of moving parts that will wear over time while the lubrication for those parts will tend to dry out.

Consequently, a service at least once every five years is recommended by most manufacturers. Although a quartz watch has fewer moving parts, servicing is recommended every 2-3 years because of the need to inspect and replace the battery.

A regular service will ensure your watch continues to perform well for many years. Failing this, if your watch doesn’t keep accurate time, has condensation under the glass or fails to function correctly in any way, then some attention is needed.

If there are specific problems, our watch repairer in Sydney can correct them by:

  • cleaning the mechanism so it runs properly
  • replacing the winding mechanism
  • fitting a new battery
  • putting on a new dial or glass if scratched or damaged
  • adjusting and replacing bracelets or straps
  • identifying and correcting faults.

 Ensure You Have the Most Thorough and Best Watch Repair

We know you rely on your watch and it’s important to you, so our service is as thorough as it can be. For each watch, we:

  • check the exterior thoroughly for defects
  • open the case and remove the seals and crown
  • check the winding and setting mechanism
  • ensure the hands and other functions work correctly
  • disassemble the movement, check parts and replace any that are worn
  • clean parts carefully and thoroughly
  • reassemble the movement, ensuring it works to specification
  • replace the battery if relevant
  • lubricate with fine oils and grease
  • check the movement’s timing works to standards
  • refit the dial and hands
  • clean the case and bracelet or strap
  • renew or replace case seals
  • restore the movement in the case
  • where appropriate, ensure water resistance is in line with specifications
  • check timing and accuracy, and adjust if necessary.

The above are just a sample of our watch repair capabilities. If you require any watch repairs in Sydney, call to our store for an assessment. We will quickly pin point the issue and provide an estimate of the cost of repair.

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The day we receive your watch, it is processed, photographed, and categorized for the proper diagnosis. Estimates can take as few as 3 – 5 days. However, there are times we may need to reach out to the manufacturer to find availability and pricing of necessary parts and will take up to 1 -2 weeks to get a quotation . This can add some time to the estimation process. The moment we have all the answers, we will advise of the estimate to your email or by phone.

We will be able to arrange a postal address to send the watch , our watchmakers will assess the watch and provide a quote. We will repair the watch and send back (INSURED) to you.


We provide a 12 -24 month warranty on most of our repairs , this will cover the work completed and not parts which have not been repaired or replaced or any other unrelated issues which arise.

Most manufacturers recommend the seals are checked/replaced every 12 month for it to have the maximum resistance to water pressure. Seals gaskets are there to keep moisture and dust from entering the movement. If you don’t replace the seals , they will eventually get worn, dry and break risking movement damage.

We can test the water resistant features of your watch to ensure they are in working order, using the latest and most innovative equipment.


The service is undertaken by qualified and skilled watchmakers at our service centre in a timely manner occasionally the workshop will need to order parts to complete the service which can take from few days ,weeks or months to source locally or overseas. If there is no parts required most watches will be complete within 1- 2 weeks. After the service is complete the workshop will test the timing over a few days to make sure its working

The price of the battery will vary depending on the movement of the watch,  the technical skill required and the brand of battery fitted, it’s recommended to bring in the watch for a quote. Prices start from $25.00

We can deal with all types, makes and ages of watch. Our specialist watch repairers in Sydney (Cbd) are fully conversant with all aspects and will restore your timepiece to pristine condition.