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We’re Proud to Be Known as one of the Best Watch Stores in Sydney

A good watch will give reliable service for many years and so you need to choose carefully to get the one that’s right for you. At Linda and Co., we have a huge range of watches by well-known brands to suit all tastes, preferences and budgets.


Get the Watch that’s Right for You at our Sydney Watch Store

The first thing you need to do when buying a watch is set a realistic budget and stick to it because a really exceptional watch can cost many thousands of dollars.

However, we do have many wonderful examples that cost much less than that so the choice is yours.

Think how you’re going to use the watch. If it needs to be water-resistant, that can range from one with thirty metre resistance that will be okay in the rain through to a watch rated at 1,000 metre water resistance that is suitable for scuba diving.

There are plenty others in between that are appropriate for different types of water sports.

Decide if you really need lots of functions, such as a stop watch, calendar and the time in different time zones. It’s pointless spending money on functions if you’ll never use them but you may need to look ahead a little because the situation can change.

If you’re wanting a watch for special occasions, go for one that’s ultra slim, impressive looking and has an attractive bracelet or strap. Alternatively, you might want a sports watch that’s rugged, chunky and heavy on functions.

Whatever you’re after, our watch store in Sydney is sure to have a model that meets your needs.

Protecting Your Investment at Watch Shops in Sydney

A really good watch often fits in with your character and makes a statement about who you are and where you are in life. It may even be part of a collection of classic watches that includes some of the best examples of the watchmaker’s art.

Whatever the purpose behind getting your watch, it is a valuable asset that you maybe can’t afford to lose. So insure it right away for its full value and have it revalued in later years to ensure your cover remains adequate.

And make sure you have the watch serviced at recommended intervals so it always performs at peak efficiency.

By choosing from our extensive range at watch stores in Sydney (Cbd), you can obtain just the type of watch you want — classic or contemporary, sporty or sleek, fully functioned or simple in use.

We have all the best and most reliable brands so that, by keeping your chosen watch safe and properly serviced, you’ll get years of reliable use from a watch you’ll be proud of.