Hoxton London


Famous craftsmen, merchants and poets alike underpin Hoxton’s heritage, in centuries of arts and cultural influences.

Being the hub of entertainment in the Tudor times, to being the centre of jewellery trade in the Victorian era, Hoxton men have never stopped fighting for their dreams with pride and brilliance.

Inheriting traditional Hoxton design influences and silver craftsmanship, Hoxton London specialises in blending sterling silver with interesting materials to create your personal balance of texture and patterns.


Hoxton London is the London based jewellery company, which has been rapidly proving itself in the national and international market, after its huge success with the release of its first collection in 2009. Despite being made from the comparatively economical substance i.e., sterling silver rather than the precious stones, gold or silver, it gained lots of love and praises for its sophisticated and elegant designs. Its masculine designs has captured the hearts of people all over the world.

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