Jewellery Valuations

Jewellery Valuations

We Offer Jewellery Valuations in Sydney

It’s generally accepted that many people underinsure their jewellery and that’s hardly surprising since most don’t really know what they have and don’t keep up-to-date with changing prices. That may be a serious matter if your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged because insurance companies won’t pay you the full value. So it’s important you get an up-to-date jewellery valuation in Sydney.

Using Sydney Jewellery Valuers for Peace of Mind

Getting an accurate valuation for insurance means you can arrange adequate cover and won’t run the risk of being under-insured. You may also, of course, require a valuation for other reasons such as because you’re thinking of selling privately or at auction, for probate purposes or simply because you want to know the real value. Whatever the reason, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure each valuation is accurate. This will be based on the original value when purchased, changes in the market since then and the effect of alterations to raw material prices as well as the current condition of each item. If the poor condition of an item seriously detracts from its value, we can provide a full repair and refurbishment service to restore it to prime condition. Our professional staff have extensive experience of the market and knowledge of a wide range of jewellery types, whether antique or contemporary, whatever the style and country of origin. This enables them to give a fair and accurate valuation of anything you bring in and we are totally independent and professional in our approach.

How We Undertake a Jewellery Valuation in Sydney

For each item that you require to be valued, we will provide:
  • a schedule that has a detailed description of the item and its value
  • photographic identification
  • information about how the valuation has been arrived at, with explanatory notes where necessary
  • a notice for your insurer that will set out the relevant details of the valuation.
Once we have undertaken an initial valuation of an item, any subsequent revaluation in years to come will be a simpler and cheaper process since we will already have much of the required information. Because the valuation is provided by reputable jewellery valuers in Sydney, it will be accepted as accurate by your insurers and will enable you to arrange adequate cover. In the event of an item being lost, stolen or damaged, the process of claiming will be much quicker and easier because you will have documentary evidence that will identify it and its value, and prove you are the owner. That will come in handy if lost property is subsequently recovered since your claim to it will be obvious, whereas without jewellery valuations from Sydney, the process would be much more difficult.
Watch Repairs

Watch Repairs

Our watch repairs department provides an extensive range of services which include :

Linda and Co specialize in all watch repairs and restoration. Our Sydney workshop service all major watch brands.

Service Department Drop Off Locations Broadway Sydney , Macquarie Centre North Ryde and Rhodes Waterside.
Our watch repair department specialise in all timepieces:
  • Mechanical / Automatic watches,
  • Quartz Watches ,
  • Pocket Watches,
  • Clocks,
  • Antique Watches.
Tissot Savonnette Pocket Watch T83455313_0

Watch Repairs

  • Service & overhaul
  • Dial Restoration
  • Case / Band Polish and Clean (Remove Scratches)
  • Standard & Sapphire Glass replacement ( Hand Cut if size not available)
  • Water Resistance test ( We use the latest Computerised Pressure Testing equipment ) includes report / Seal replacements
  • Crown & Stem repairs
  • Circuit Repairs
  • New Movements
  • Mechanical Timing Adjustment
  • Watch Band Replacement – Genuine Leather & Metal bands available
  • Battery Replacement (We provide a 1 year guarantee on all our batteries)

Watch Repairs Sydney

With the exception of your wedding or engagement ring, there are few jewellery pieces in any male or female’s collection that gets as much wear as their favourite watch. Unfortunately with frequent wear comes eventual tear – even your favourite dress watch that you wear only on special occasions or for business wear will eventually fall victim to wear and tear. What happens when a watch loses its beautiful shine? What if it picks up scratches and cracks? What if the mechanical components begin to fail and the performance of your watch slows? No matter what issue you are faced with, the leading experts in watch repair Sydney wide are here to help. That’s us; Linda & Co. Jewellers! A family-run jeweller, we’ve been in business since 1980, with three generations of our family devoting their lives to the jewellery industry. We have built a solid reputation as one of the leading jewellery stores Sydney wide and are widely celebrated for the professionalism and expertise of our qualified and experienced jewellers. Not only does our expertise lend itself to custom jewellery design, personalised advice and precise jewellery valuations, we are only known as the best watch repair specialists in Sydney. We leverage innovative technologies, proven techniques and our years of experience to remedy even the most challenging of repairs. Solidifying our presence as the leading specialists in watch repairs Sydney CBD wide, we offer an extensive arrange of repair services:

Watch Servicing

We can conduct a full assessment and service of your watch both aesthetically and mechanically, identifying and repairing any issues or imperfections.

Dial Restoration

We can restore the appearance of faded or scratched watch dials as well as removing deeply embedded dirt and grime.

Polish and Clean

The case and band of a watch can be the most frequent victims of scratches, chips, discolouration and damage. Our expert team can conduct a deep clean and professional polish, removing any scratches and restoring the watch to as good as new.

Glass Face Replacement

Cracks, scratches or significant damage to the glass face of your watch does not spend the end of its lifecycle. We can replace the glass of any watch, cutting glass to size if required to replace the face.

Mechanical Repairs

We don’t just conduct aesthetic repairs and restoration; our expertise lends itself to mechanical repairs too. We can apply new movements, correct issues with mechanical timing and even replace the circuit.

Band Replacement

We can replace your worn watch bands with a new genuine leather or metal band.

Battery Replacement

We can replace any watch batteries with a 1 year guarantee provided on all batteries.

We Offer The Best Watch repairs in Sydney

Most car owners have their cars serviced at regular intervals but don’t think there’s a need to do the same for their watch. That’s despite a car being parked for over half of its life while a watch works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And yet the watch is expected to keep going with no attention at all.

How Regular Watch Repairs in Sydney Will Prolong a Watch’s Life

A mechanical watch has a huge number of moving parts that will wear over time while the lubrication for those parts will tend to dry out. Consequently, a service at least once every five years is recommended by most manufacturers. Although a quartz watch has fewer moving parts, servicing is recommended every 2-3 years because of the need to inspect and replace the battery. A regular service will ensure your watch continues to perform well for many years. Failing this, if your watch doesn’t keep accurate time, has condensation under the glass or fails to function correctly in any way, then some attention is needed. If there are specific problems, our watch repairer in Sydney can correct them by:
  • cleaning the mechanism so it runs properly
  • replacing the winding mechanism
  • fitting a new battery
  • putting on a new dial or glass if scratched or damaged
  • adjusting and replacing bracelets or straps
  • identifying and correcting faults.

 Ensure You Have the Most Thorough and Best Watch Repair

We know you rely on your watch and it’s important to you, so our service is as thorough as it can be. For each watch, we:
  • check the exterior thoroughly for defects
  • open the case and remove the seals and crown
  • check the winding and setting mechanism
  • ensure the hands and other functions work correctly
  • disassemble the movement, check parts and replace any that are worn
  • clean parts carefully and thoroughly
  • reassemble the movement, ensuring it works to specification
  • replace the battery if relevant
  • lubricate with fine oils and grease
  • check the movement’s timing works to standards
  • refit the dial and hands
  • clean the case and bracelet or strap
  • renew or replace case seals
  • restore the movement in the case
  • where appropriate, ensure water resistance is in line with specifications
  • check timing and accuracy, and adjust if necessary.
The above are just a sample of our watch repair capabilities. If you require any watch repairs in Sydney, call to our store for an assessment. We will quickly pin point the issue and provide an estimate of the cost of repair. Linda & Co Designer Jewellers are well known for great collection of 
Swiss WatchesLongines WatchesTissot Watches & many more brands at discounted prices. We also offer Jewellery Repair & Jewellery Valuations services in Sydney. For price quotation contact us online or visit one of our branches in store.
Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery Repairs



Your precious diamonds and gems need to be set in the right mount on your ring to ensure they are secure. Over time, claws on rings can lose their integrity and wear down, and they need special attention to repair. In our workshop, we can rebuild the claws on your rings to ensure the gems are held securely in place, giving you peace of mind every time you wear them. We recommend to check your rings every 6 month or if you have had a accidental knock to arrange a inspecition as soon as possible.

Restoration and Redesigning

Restoration and redesigning is specialise service we are renowned for , instead of purchasing a new piece why not rejuventate your old or passed down jewellery and modernise it to the current trends.

Gem setting

Gem setting is a specialised service, mastered by only the most skilled gemstone setters trained over a long period of time. Setting a gem in a ring or piece of jewellery is all about perfection and strength.

Cleaning Jewellery and Watches

Your watch or jewellery is like any precision item – it requires cleaning and maintenance to last a lifetime. In our workshop, we have the most advanced professional cleaning equipment to properly care for your treasured items. Whether we’re carrying out major work, or simply cleaning and polishing, we can help maintain your special piece for a lifetime.

Soldering and Welding

Our highly sophisticated equipment and qualified jewellers hand-repair hundreds of pieces of precious jewellery pieces weekly using traditional fire/oxygen flamed oxy’s , so you count on us to repair and restore most pieces depending on the wear and condition.

Polishing and Finishing

Jewellery looks best when its polished and clean like the first day you received it. So why dont you book a time and leave your precios item in our workshop, it will be buffed and polished to perfection, shining and radiant. Our finishing equipment is top of the line – we have jewellers dedicated to finishing your jewellery

Jewellery Repairs Sydney

When a cherished piece of jewellery gets damaged or broken, or is succumbing to wear and tear, it can be easy to assume it is beyond repair or that it cannot be restored to its former glory. When a piece isn’t quite the right, we can be all too guilty of continuing to wear it as is, despite the tightness pinching your skin or living in fear that the looseness will result in loss of the piece. Whatever the problem, your favourite jewellery pieces can be quickly and expertly restored, resized and repaired at Linda & Co. Jewellers. Established in 1980, our family run business has a long standing reputation as the go-to store for jewellery repairs Sydney wide. Our expert jewellers are all industry qualified with many years of experience in their trade. We are proud to include some of the best Sydney jewellers among our team with the expertise to tackle any repairs you require including:

Ring Re-Sizing

We hear far too many stories of lost rings, including wedding rings and engagement rings, as they have not been re-sized to fit the wearer’s fingers. Equally, we hear as many stories regarding rings gathering dust in jewellery boxes as the fit has become too small. Wear your rings in pride with a professional re-size by some of the leading experts in jewellery repair in Sydney.

Ring Re-Clawing

Ensure the diamonds and gems in your rings stay safe and secure. Over the time, ring claws can loosen and wear down, leading to the risk of diamonds and gems falling loose. If you feel your ring claws are succumbing to wear and tear, booking in for our expert re-clawing service as soon as possible.


Our jewellery designer love to breathe new life into jewellery pieces. If you have a piece that you want to modernise, personalise or customise in any way, add a new twist or restore to its former glory, our team would lovingly accept the challenge.

Expert in Gem Setting

This is a job that should only be handed by true experts. Our team deliver this specialised service, ensuring precise setting of gems in a ring or other piece.

Jewellery Cleaning, Polishing and Finishing

When the dazzling shine begins to fade, so too can the appeal of jewellery pieces. In many cases, a deep clean, polish and finish from the top experts in jewellery repair Sydney wide is all that is needed to restore that beautiful shiny appearance.

Watch Testing & Repairs

Whether you have a pocket watch heirloom, an everyday sports watch, a treasured dress watch or a class diamond watch in need of repair, you can trust the Linda & Co. team to work their magic and restore your timepiece. For the best jewellery repairs Sydney wide, drop into our store in any of our three locations Rhodes , Macquarie and Broadway

Looking for the best Jewellery Repair Service in Sydney?

While diamonds may be forever; you need to take good care of your jewellery and get it repaired at the first sign of problems. Jewellery often has special and sentimental meaning that far exceeds any material value, so keeping it in its best condition is essential.

How Jewellery Repairs in Sydney Keep You Looking Good

You can help to keep your jewellery looking its best by caring for it properly and usually that’s no more than taking sensible and obvious measures. Don’t wear your jewellery when it’s likely to get knocked or scraped, avoid caustic substances and dirt, and store safely when not in use. Keep each piece clean by polishing with a soft cloth, although a more professional approach is required to do a thorough job. Dirt, pollution and regular wear unavoidably affect your jewellery and specialist cleaning at regular intervals will restore that ‘as new’ look. At the same time, our experienced professionals can identify wear that has taken place and advise the need for repairs. Early work will prevent further deterioration, avoid more expensive repairs later and ensure your precious jewellery always looks in the best possible condition. Jewellery repairs in Sydney can range from the fairly common need to resize rings, re-thread pearls and replace claws to more complex work. If stones have been lost, we can replace diamonds and other gems with comparable ones so jewellery looks as before. We can restore irreplaceable family heirlooms, reapply faded rhodium plating to white gold and generally restore the sparkle of jewellery items.

How We Provide the Best Jewellery Repairs in Sydney

At Linda and Co., we know the value of your jewellery is often measured in more than money. It invokes happy memories of good times and wonderful people, so maintaining the jewellery in good condition helps keep those memories fresh and alive. We can help you do that by looking after your jewellery as carefully as you do. While your jewellery is with us for repair, we’ll care for it as though it were our own. We’ll restore it to the way it was when new, with care and precision, and as quickly as we can without rushing the job so you’re not separated from your jewellery any longer than necessary. We can remove scratches and dents, make badly fitting jewellery wearable again and restore the lustre to items that have gone dull. Alternatively, we can completely remodel a piece so it’s brought up-to-date and fits your mood — whatever you want us to do. Any jewellery repair in Sydney is done to an estimated cost you know in advance, is fully insured and the work is guaranteed so your jewellery will be as good as new — or better Linda & Co Designer Jewellers are well known for great collection of 
Swiss WatchesLongines WatchesTissot Watches & many more brands at discounted prices. We also offer Jewellery Valuations & Watch Repair services in Sydney. For price quotation contact us online or visit one of our branches in store.