Wedding Rings

The bands exchanged during the wedding ceremony are known as the wedding rings. When possible, both men and women wear their wedding bands every day as a symbol of their lifetime commitment to one another. Wedding bands typically have simpler designs and don’t always include precious stones. Many times, couples opt for identical wedding ring styles, possibly made of the same metal. Wedding and engagement rings are worn by women on the same finger, therefore it’s crucial that they coordinate.

Because your wedding band needs to last a lifetime, the harder metals are ideal when it comes to the ring’s composition. One of the reasons we adore Platinum is because of this! Extreme hardness and a lovely, permanent white colour are two characteristics of platinum. The main drawback is that Platinum has a high cost.

Gold comes next. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold are the three most widely used types of gold. Yellow Gold will be beloved by the more conventional bride, whereas Rose Gold is currently incredibly fashionable and well-liked. White gold rings are typically coated, so over time, the whiteness may fade. Make sure the wedding band is made of the same metal as the engagement ring, no matter what! It could seem odd to wear a silver and a gold ring on the same finger.