Bespoke Engagement Rings

Bespoke Engagement Rings

All “bespoke” items are made-to-order or on a custom basis. Anything that has been specifically created with the client in mind and in close consultation with the customer. Although it was first used by specialised dressmakers and tailors in late 1700s England, this expression may be used to describe just about anything in today’s modern world.

The creation process:

To start the process of designing the ideal engagement ring, make an appointment with a master jeweller at your nearest Linda & Co. store location. You can accomplish this by calling, using our website, or going in person.

When you arrive for your consultation, you’ll be given unparalleled expertise where you can consider your options. You will be directed by an engagement ring expert who can help you find the best ring that is suitable for your budget through your many design options and ring needs.

The creative design will be built after you’ve decided on your ideal features, bringing your concept to life in a concrete example. Your ring will be masterfully crafted to the finest standards and brought to life by our master jeweller after receiving your final approval and review.

We at Linda & Co Designer Jewellers are aware of the significance of Bespoke Engagement Rings and what it means to you and your significant other. To help you find a ring you can cherish together for all time, we offer our knowledge and skills.

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