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Jewellery Valuations

How much are your most prized jewellery pieces worth? We can tell you! When it comes to jewellery and watches, the price you paid originally will not represent the same value of worth a couple of years or even decades later.

Sometimes, the value can be much more significant and sometimes far less. The price of metals, diamonds and other precious stones are consistently fluctuating in value. Therefore it can be difficult to estimate the true worth of your jewellery – unless you enlist the expertise of jewellery valuation professionals.


Valuation Service 

At Linda & Co Jewellers, we offer the most precise jewellery valuation Sydney wide. Whether you are keen to get a jewellery valuation for re-sale purposes or require an accurate valuation for your home and contents insurance policy or claim, we can be of expert assistance.

In business since 1980, our team has a long-standing reputation as one of the most professional, efficient and accurate jewellery valuers’ Sydney has to offer.

Our family has seen three generations operate in the jewellery business building up an expert eye and extensive experience in sourcing jewellery and designing our own custom pieces, so we are best placed to provide an accurate value.

We are consistently buying metals and jewels for our custom products so always have a firm understanding and our finger on the pulse when it comes to the current market values. Our on-site consultant utilises innovative grading equipment to ensure the most realistic valuation.

Cementing our position as the leading providers of jewellery valuations Sydney wide is our willingness to go the extra mile. We do not just provide a valuation, we are prepared to stand by it and put our name to it.

If you require documentation to process or renewal your insurance cover, we are happy to complete and sign your documents or providing any supporting documentation you need.

Our experienced onsite jewellers will be able to estimate the replacement valuation of your jewellery item and confirm this value with your insurance company.

Our jewellers and consultants can deal with your insurance company to quickly provide all the necessary specific details to get your stolen or lost items replaced.

Jewellery Insurance

In addition to being leading Sydney jewellery valuers, we also provide an insurance service, where you can ensure your jewellery and watch items upon purchase or even if purchased in another store through our Q Report jewellery and watch insurance service.

Whether you need the most precise and accurate jewellery valuation in Sydney, want to insure your prized possessions or simply want advice or assistance with purchasing or repairing a watch or jewellery; our expert team are always here to help.


We Offer Jewellery Valuations in Sydney

It’s generally accepted that many people underinsure their jewellery and that’s hardly surprising since most don’t really know what they have and don’t keep up-to-date with changing prices.

That may be a serious matter if your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged because insurance companies won’t pay you the full value. So it’s important you get an up-to-date jewellery valuation in Sydney.

Using Sydney Jewellery Valuers for Peace of Mind

Getting an accurate valuation for insurance means you can arrange adequate cover and won’t run the risk of being under-insured. You may also, of course, require a valuation for other reasons such as because you’re thinking of selling privately or at auction, for probate purposes or simply because you want to know the real value.

Whatever the reason, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure each valuation is accurate.

This will be based on the original value when purchased, changes in the market since then and the effect of alterations to raw material prices as well as the current condition of each item. If the poor condition of an item seriously detracts from its value, we can provide a full repair and refurbishment service to restore it to prime condition.

Our professional staff have extensive experience of the market and knowledge of a wide range of jewellery types, whether antique or contemporary, whatever the style and country of origin.

This enables them to give a fair and accurate valuation of anything you bring in and we are totally independent and professional in our approach.

How We Undertake a Jewellery Valuation in Sydney

For each item that you require to be valued, we will provide:

  • a schedule that has a detailed description of the item and its value
  • photographic identification
  • information about how the valuation has been arrived at, with explanatory notes where necessary
  • a notice for your insurer that will set out the relevant details of the valuation.

Once we have undertaken an initial valuation of an item, any subsequent revaluation in years to come will be a simpler and cheaper process since we will already have much of the required information.

Because the valuation is provided by reputable jewellery valuers in Sydney, it will be accepted as accurate by your insurers and will enable you to arrange adequate cover.

In the event of an item being lost, stolen or damaged, the process of claiming will be much quicker and easier because you will have documentary evidence that will identify it and its value, and prove you are the owner.

That will come in handy if lost property is subsequently recovered since your claim to it will be obvious, whereas without jewellery valuations from Sydney, the process would be much more difficult.

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