Dia. Pend./Neck.

At Linda and Co Designer Jewellers we specialize in all types of diamond pendants and necklaces. From simple, modern to vintage we will have a design to suit. Discover now our collection in store and online.

For any jewellery enthusiast, a stunning diamond pendant or necklace is a must-have. Depending on your taste, style, and budget, there are many different diamond designs available, ranging from lavish necklace designs ideal for special events to delicate but durable pendants for everyday use.

There are a few things to think about while selecting a diamond pendants & necklaces in order to make the best decision. Despite minor variations in look and longevity, there can be significant differences between types.

Despite the fact that both pendants and necklaces can be worn around the neck, they are two quite different kinds of jewellery, and it is crucial to understand the distinctions before beginning your Jewelry-buying trip.
Pendants are little pieces of jewellery that can be fastened to an anklet, necklace chain, or bracelet. One example is an ice diamond placed in a white gold setting. A necklace must be worn around your neck to be considered a necklace, however a pendant can be hung from any part of your body on a chain.
There are numerous mounting types for diamond pendants, including Bezel Prong Pavé.