Accent Diamonds

In rings and other jewellery designs, smaller diamonds are placed strategically around a bigger diamond as accent stones. These diamonds are typically not particularly expensive on their own due to their lesser size (typically less than 0.25 carats) and less precise cut. However, when they are selected and placed properly, they work in harmony to dramatically improve the piece’s overall beauty by boosting its luminosity, shine, and elegance. Furthermore, the proper diamond decorations enhance a ring’s volume while also enhancing the cut of the centre stone.

The final outcome? A sparkling ring that attracts attention and directs it to the more striking centrepiece. Accent diamonds might help your engagement ring impress if that’s what you desire.

Depending on the setting and the size of the center diamond, the size of a diamond accent might change. Accent diamonds typically range in weight from 0.01 to 0.20 carats. Accent diamonds are often modest because they serve to highlight the beauty of larger diamonds or other stones.

Side stone Engagement Ring: A ring with little diamonds or other stones spaced out along the ring band is known as a side stone engagement ring or a pavé engagement ring. Because it can elegantly and classically emphasize the centre stone, a side accent engagement ring is a popular option.

Round brilliants, princess cuts, and emerald cuts are the diamond shapes most frequently used in this design, however other shapes like hearts and Ascher cuts are occasionally used. As side stones in numerous ring designs, including the three stone variant, diamond shapes like ovals and marquises are frequently used.