CITIZEN has encouraged a worldwide, multinational mentality that supports success and creativity since its founding in 1918. CITIZEN Timepieces Australia celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2015, marking a half-century of providing innovative, world-class watches to everyday Australians. We make it our job as global citizens to help build a culture of good change and continuous progress through our craft. We are dedicated to our cause and look forwards to what the future holds.

CITIZEN incorporates a full manufacturing process that spans the creation of a watch’s constituent components through its final assembly as a real manufacture d’horlogerie.

A history of innovation

Watchmaking breakthroughs like as radio-controlled and satellite-synchronized timekeeping are among our 84-year corporate heritage of world firsts. The creation of Eco-Drive, a groundbreaking light-powered technology that CITIZEN pioneered well ahead of other watch manufacturers – as early as 1976 – was a crucial advance. This remarkable breakthrough revolutionised the way watches might be fueled forever by converting electrical power from nearly any light source. Eco-Drive reduces the need for battery replacement, which is especially useful in locations where specialised batteries are unavailable. This advancement expands the availability and usability of CITIZEN timepieces, allowing more people to enjoy our well constructed timepieces.

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