Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery Repairs

Looking for the best jewellery repair service in Sydney?


While diamonds may be forever; you need to take good care of your jewellery and get it repaired at the first sign of problems.

Jewellery often has special and sentimental meaning that far exceeds any material value, so keeping it in its best condition is essential.

How Jewellery Repairs in Sydney Keep You Looking Good

You can help to keep your jewellery looking its best by caring for it properly and usually that’s no more than taking sensible and obvious measures.

Don’t wear your jewellery when it’s likely to get knocked or scraped, avoid caustic substances and dirt, and store safely when not in use. Keep each piece clean by polishing with a soft cloth, although a more professional approach is required to do a thorough job.

Dirt, pollution and regular wear unavoidably affect your jewellery and specialist cleaning at regular intervals will restore that ‘as new’ look.

At the same time, our experienced professionals can identify wear that has taken place and advise the need for repairs. Early work will prevent further deterioration, avoid more expensive repairs later and ensure your precious jewellery always looks in the best possible condition.

Jewellery repairs in Sydney can range from the fairly common need to resize rings, re-thread pearls and replace claws to more complex work. If stones have been lost, we can replace diamonds and other gems with comparable ones so jewellery looks as before.

We can restore irreplaceable family heirlooms, reapply faded rhodium plating to white gold and generally restore the sparkle of jewellery items.

How We Provide the Best Jewellery Repairs in Sydney

At Linda and Co., we know the value of your jewellery is often measured in more than money.

It invokes happy memories of good times and wonderful people, so maintaining the jewellery in good condition helps keep those memories fresh and alive. We can help you do that by looking after your jewellery as carefully as you do.

While your jewellery is with us for repair, we’ll care for it as though it were our own.

We’ll restore it to the way it was when new, with care and precision, and as quickly as we can without rushing the job so you’re not separated from your jewellery any longer than necessary.

We can remove scratches and dents, make badly fitting jewellery wearable again and restore the lustre to items that have gone dull. Alternatively, we can completely remodel a piece so it’s brought up-to-date and fits your mood — whatever you want us to do.

Any jewellery repair in Sydney is done to an estimated cost you know in advance, is fully insured and the work is guaranteed so your jewellery will be as good as new — or better.