G-SHOCK MTG, Innovative toughness with advanced technologies across every aspect, from materials and construction to features and design.

Durable, stylish stainless steel is combined with lightweight, rigid carbon fiber-reinforced resin. New construction combines different materials in the next evolution of the original MT-G metal case.

Next in line within the G-SHOCK Premium range is MT-G. Standing for ‘Metal Twister G-SHOCK’, the MT-G is a tough but luxurious timepiece taking shock resistant technology and transforming it into a stainless steel structure.

Dual Core Guard Structure Combining Metal and Carbon

Uses original G-Shock MT-G Metal Core Guard and latest reinforced Carbon Core Guard structure. A monocoque case made from carbon fiber-reinforced resin is inside a metal frame that joins the bezel and outer case, for a strong, well-sealed, lightweight construction.


Seperate bezel and outer case construction means each can be finished in different colors, conveying the solid feel of metal while allowing for a broader range of color..

The bezel is a piece that is separate from the metal frame, which enables greater coloring versatility. The elegantly attractive mirror finish of the exterior metal parts gives these watches their distinctive look. The elegance of these models is further enhanced by high-transparency sapphire crystals, as well as hour markers and inset dials that are precision engraved at the CASIO Yamagata Factory.

New lightweight metal models, with newly advanced shock-resistant structures, are the latest additions to the MT-G lineup that packs the latest that technology has to offer into shock-resistant designs that combine metal and resin materials.

A Carbon Core Guard structure combines with the Metal Core Card structure to create a new Dual Core Guard structure, which houses a module protected by an integrated carbon monocoque case and exterior metal parts. The New Layered Composite Bands of these models use hollow metal segments that encase fine resin parts, providing the elegant feel of metal along with weight that is 15% less than that of previous models. The metal frames have a new type of slide lever mechanism that makes band replacement quicker and simpler, and metal is also used for the outer case sides.

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